Proofreading Contest: Solved

Well, somebody came up with the correct answer quicker than I anticipated. Somebody, I might add, who I have never met and runs his own freelance writing and editing business. Go figure. So congratulations, Mark, of On the Mark Writing. Your reward is free advertising for your business on this weblog (i.e., the link above). Mark’s answer is below:

“Without reading any of the other comments, on my honor, Kids should have an apostrophe after the s, right? The word following is a ‘gerund’ in form, and therefore the word before it must show possession.”

Thanks for playing!


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  1. derekryanbrown on

    The whole business of demarcating the english gerund by making the preceding noun or pronoun possessive is rather silly in my opinion. Most readers of the English language will either gloss over the presence of this grammatical occurence or deem it to be an error or slip-up on the writer’s part. I think the gerund ought to be allowed to remain in the sentence as it was originally presented, even though it could be confused with its participial counterpart. Little confusion is at risk. Or perhaps an infinitival construct is to be preferred here? Oh the vaguity of the English language!

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