The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend; and, Holy Nepotism, Batman!

Warning! Two very biased but unrelated political rants ahead! If blowhards with their knee-jerk political reactions annoy you or if you find politics very boring, I advise you to simply skip this post. Caveat Lector!

1. General Musharraf has declared martial law in Pakistan. His opponents are being detained, dissenters arrested. The White House verbally condemns Musharraf’s junta but continues to financially support the Pakistani military in the name of a necessary “stability” until democracy can be reinstated. Plus we need their guns to fight terrorists in Afghanistan.

I understand the threat of terrorism to the United States, but we also have a pretty sorry history of arming hostile dictators in the name of U.S. foreign policy. We armed Pol Pot to the teeth (who went on to kill millions of Cambodians, his own countrymen and women) so he could help us fight the Viet Cong, and we armed Saddam Hussein (who gassed thousands of Kurds – also his own countrymen and women) so he could help us fight Iran (was it Iran? Jordan? I’m second-guessing myself now). I know it’s early to tell what Musharraf’s plans are, but for all our hawking of democracy abroad, we sure don’t seem to care as much about it as long as the people in power are pointing their semi-automatic rifles and missile launchers at our opponents (or themselves).

The second is a little less serious.

2. Does anyone think it odd that if Hillary Clinton were elected president that for at least six to seven terms – that’s twenty-four, maybe twenty-eight, years – we will have had only two families represented in the White House? Granted, they’re two very different families, personally and politically, but what does this say about our political process? How inundated with cronyism and nepotism must the capital be for this to happen?


5 comments so far

  1. Shannon Endicott on

    Awhile back Josh Cramer brought up the fact about the Clintons and Bushes…that would be crazy!

  2. timothycairns on

    funny you mention that Clinton/Bush thing I was just talking about that last night. I was actaully taking it back to 1980 (first Bush as Vice Pres)which would make it 32 or 36 years. By which time Jeb might be ready to be President!

  3. jeffreimer on

    Wow! I hadn’t thought of that. There was already a Bush in the White House in 1981. Jeb Bush as Hillary’s vice-president would be the ultimate synthesis – Or the apocalypse.

  4. timothycairns on

    I like that Clinton/Bush ticket!!

  5. deviabraham on

    I couldn’t agree more with both your statements. I think Peggy Noonan had an article about the bush-clinton-bush-clinton? cycle and voter fatigue at

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