Golden Compass, Redux, Redux

I’ve made a few edits to my previous post. By far, it’s mostly the same, and I would usually let something stand that’s already been published, but I had hoped to communicate a slightly more conciliatory tone when I wrote it. I failed. Moreover, the changes, I think, communicate more of my original intentions. Most of its directness, contentwise, is still intact, and I still stand by it. But if I offended any fellow Christians – my brothers and sisters in Christ – with the words in either of the two previous posts, I apologize. Your intentions are good and sincere. I was rash and impetuous, and I hope you will forgive me.


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  1. Kristi on

    Time has a fairly thoughtful write-up of Pullman and this issue here:,9171,1689233,00.html

  2. timothycairns on

    dont worry! today in class Darrell Johnson actually hit a wall when angrily talking about the left behind series! so you are in good company!

  3. chad on

    was it one of the new walls, cause that might not be good, you know, seeing its new and all, and we all kinda paid for it, you know, since we went there and paid tuition to get that wall built…and Stackhouse wrote books to get that wall built. Do you think Stackhouse would be happy that Johnson hit his wall? I don’t know, Tim. Seems dangerous to be posting that Johnson his Stackhouse’s wall.

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