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Everybody be sure to check out Chad’s latest comment on my post from January 12, “The Books of the Bible.” Also be sure to see the comment further up the page where Derek Brown soundly blows Chad’s ultramontanist position out of the water.


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  1. Levi on

    Actually, I think it is Shelley’s comment that blows Chad’s out of the water. Short, succinct, and to the point! My wife’s insight blows my mind some times!


  2. chad on

    that’s right, levi – get a girl to do your dirty work for you. and your wife at that…*sigh*. it’s sad to see where this has gone. does everyone see what happens when you take our verses and chapters out of the bible??? is it getting through, yet???? i think we need to just let it go…in the trash or something, but at least let it go.

    and jeff is a dirty blogger. dirty, real dirty.

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