Contest: Name That Author

Which one of these people is a famous American author in his youth, and who is the author in question? Be the first to provide me with this information, and you will receive a generous prize, courtesy of one of my overflowing bookcases.



27 comments so far

  1. timothycairns on

    WH Auden?

  2. jeffreimer on

    Nope. Good guess though.

  3. timothycairns on

    can I guess again!!! or am I limited to 1???

  4. jeffreimer on

    I’ll give you three guesses total.

  5. timothycairns on

    Am I allowed another guess? as many as I want or just 1??

  6. jeffreimer on

    I’ll give any one person three guesses, otherwise the guessing can go on until somebody gets it right.

  7. timothycairns on

    sorry about posting that twice!! my internet is slow!!! Is it Tennessee Williams? I think I actually only know 3 american authors – actually just thought of a fourth!

  8. jeffreimer on

    Nope again, although you’re getting (somewhat) warmer. One more guess, Tim!

  9. timothycairns on

    I’ll hold the 3rd guess off until tomorrow!!!!

  10. lucashannon on

    William Faulkner?

  11. lucashannon on

    John Steinbeck?

  12. derekryanbrown on

    Walker Percy?

  13. dbmurph22 on

    Hi Jeff. Nice blog. Put me down for Hemingway ol’ chap.

  14. jeffreimer on

    Ding ding ding! Derek Brown has gotten it. But which person is it, Derek? Which one is Percy?

  15. dbmurph22 on

    Aw, frick. :)

  16. jeffreimer on

    Hi, Brian! Good to see you here. Good guess anyway.

  17. derekryanbrown on

    I was hoping that I’d be off the hook for this part since no one else really bothered with identifying their guess within the picture. But my guess would be the dapper young lad mid picture with his left leg stuck out and his left foot cocked at a 45 degree angle.

  18. jeffreimer on

    Excellent! You have just won the contest, Derek. Since nobody was giving me the full info, I figured I would make whoever guessed correctly give me the rest of the info. I’ll stick a surprise book in the mail, handpicked just for you.

  19. derekryanbrown on

    I put this one up with my joint victory (with Josh Cramer) at Theo-Jeopardy, which was also masterminded by Jeff.

  20. timothycairns on

    is it bad that I have never heard og Walker Percy?

  21. jeffreimer on

    Terrible. Go read The Moviegoer and The Second Coming.

  22. timothycairns on

    I’m on a Dick Francis charge right now – is there any horse racing in either of those Percy books!!!???

  23. jeffreimer on

    Can’t help you there. But there is a lot of existential angst!

  24. lucashannon on

    I just want to testify that this morning while Lucas was laying in bed I was checking the blog to see if anyone won and Lucas mubbled, “Walker Percy”. He thought of it but just a few hours too late. :)

  25. dbmurph22 on

    The guy on the right *does* have a strong resemblance to the young Hemingway, though by the age above I think he was sporting at least a mustache.

  26. dbmurph22 on

  27. jeffreimer on

    Impressive, Murph! I bet you were the only one giving an educated guess and not just trying to sniff out my preferences. Were you an English major?

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