We Have a Winner, Sort of

Well, my readers poll has kind of turned out to be moot. Though all the votes may not have been cast (there’s a delegation recounting votes in Florida right now), I have come to a conclusion, sort of. On Saturday night, on a lark after a fit of despair over the wayward direction being taken in the comment box, I decided to blaze through McCarthy, and I’m halfway finished with the book. But do not lose heart, faithful voters! Because C&P received a staggering twice the number of votes the other books received (i.e., 2 votes, whereas the others received 1 – stuffing of the ballot box and illegal recommendations excepted) I will move on to that next, provided I don’t end it all before I finish The Road. It’s a heartbreaking novel.

No disrespect to Ryan Cordell, though, who enthusiastically managed to put in four votes (three for The Idiot and one for this gem of literary magnificence – it’s a real book! Neither Ryan nor I made this up!). The decision was based on the sheer number of votes received. And be assured, I did not consider the personal source of the votes. (Though in the world of book recommendation, considering the source of the recommendation may prevent not a few reading disasters. But since I had already recommended these three to myself, I figured I needn’t worry. Also, Ryan, if you’re wondering why your name keeps transmogrifying from “Ryan C.” to “Ryan Cordell” in the comment box, it’s because I have another friend named Ryan Cochran who also comments regularly. Moreover, many of the others who comment on this blog know Ryan Cochran and might be confused without my emendations.)

Levi, have you read The Road? What did you think? Others?


3 comments so far

  1. Robert H. on

    Excellent choice.

  2. Ryan Cordell on

    No worries on the full name. I would be upset if you changed the C to Seacrest, as that just wouldn’t be funny.

    BTW, is it too late to vote for the Idiot?

  3. Levi on

    Hey Jeff. Things are a little tight right now, just got back from Saskatchewan and am cramming for my THEO final and polishing off the final paper. I’ll respond more about what I thought of the book when that’s all done. Until then…!

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