This Just In From the Department of Redundant Titles

If you can’t read the full title, it’s 11 indispensable relationships you can’t be without!


3 comments so far

  1. Ben Edsall on

    That looks like the best book I have ever seen with my eyes.

  2. Josh on

    And from Leo Sweet. I’ll bet it’s a winner.

  3. Ryan Cordell on

    I’ve looked it up on a couple sites, and love these phrases I’ve found…

    “Sweet ultimately asks us to consider not if we will cross the finish line, but whose hands we will be holding when we do.” Did I miss that part where Jesus told the guy on the cross today I’ll walk hand in hand into paradise with you. What about everyone who dies alone? Or must we now die in pairs, holding each other’s hands?

    “Discover God’s “Dream Team” for your life!” – I never thought that movie would have spiritual significance. In my ‘Dream Team’ I am playing the role portrayed by Michael Keaton. I’m currently looking for those to play Christopher Lloyd, Stephen Furst and Peter Boyle’s roles.

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