A Baby Is Born

So all those books I regularly consult in my job, the ones I mentioned in this post the other day, are kind of like the DNA for every particular book that gets born at InterVarsity Press. And today I am excited to announce the birth of a book I’m proud to have helped midwife into this world: The Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry and Writings. At 967 pages (which doesn’t take into account the twenty-four pages of front matter) this book is a behemoth. I’ve been working on the book since last fall, but it holds an unusually special place in my heart because, as I was proofing one of the articles on Ecclesiastes, it seemed a little familiar. After a little more reading I realized that it had served as part of my proofing test in my hiring process for InterVarsity Press. It was a surreal moment. Anyways, It’s always an exciting day for me when a project this big comes back from the printer. The fact that all that reading and checking and editing and rereading and reediting and rechecking all result in this actual, physical, sleek, weighty, compact object that I can hold in my hand provides a thrill that I don’t think will ever get old. I’m just a sucker for books. I guess I’m in the right industry.

I always mean to write a blog like this when another big project comes out, but this is the first one I’ve actually gotten around to. I’ve been at InterVarsity Press for a little over a year now, and the big projects I’m particularly proud of include but are not limited to the Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters and the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture volumes (these are the main part of my job) Isaiah 40-66; Psalms 51-150 (Psalms 1-50 is currently in process, as is Jeremiah, Lamentations); Ezekiel, Daniel; and 1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles, Ezrah, Nehemiah, Esther (with some other, even-more exciting projects in the secret vault).


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  1. derekryanbrown on

    Well done you dictionary doula!

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