My Fame Spreads

“My book” (see here) continues to garner deep praise and admiration from reader-viewers:

First, the Cover is amazing. I know, I know… I was taught by Mr Rogers and Elmo and company not to judge a book by its cover just like you were, but gosh… iIt [sic] looks like a leftist field manual from the sixties or something like that. The image of… well I don’t know who these guys are on the cover but they look like people I’d like to hang out with! For some reason it conjures images of the Beats. It could be Jack, Allen and William sitting around drinking too much wine, smoking marijuana cigarettes discussing the deep things of the world. [from here, originally here]

For the record, he said it and not me. And I didn’t inhale. Also for the record, I don’t go searching this stuff out online. Seriously. A friend — actually the guy to my left on the cover — brought it by my desk this morning. Honest. Don’t give me that look. I’m telling the truth.


4 comments so far

  1. rcandkc on

    Does this guy know that your “ethnic” friend to your right is really just another whitey that was photoshopped to make the picture more politically correct?

  2. timothycairns on

    Its good to see your mum likes to write reviews of books on the net!

  3. Ryan Cordell on

    So do you guys at IVP really sit around drinking, smoking and discussing the deep things of the world? If so, where do I apply?

  4. Kristi on

    Oh, this is ALL we need. :)

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