New Tagline

I changed the tagline to this blog. First person to guess where it’s from gets a prize.


7 comments so far

  1. derekryanbrown on

    “Do know what always fascinated me about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg?” (That’s my answer.)

    Too easy, my friend. At least Jess’ took another viewing of the movie to catch.

  2. jeffreimer on

    Alright, alright. You win. But for your cattiness you receive no prize. Unless there’s an IVP book you want; I’ll send it grudgingly. I’ll also have you know I came up with the name for Jess’s blog.

  3. derekryanbrown on

    Sorry if I burst your bubble. In recompense here are a couple of other gems from Frank Navasky that could have worked as a tagline.

    1. “a lone reed waving in the breeze standing strong and tall in the corrupt sands of commerce”

    2. “now there’s a medium I can get behind”

  4. timothycairns on

    so whats so good about youve got mail?????

  5. jeffreimer on

    It’s perfect.

  6. Anna on

    Funny, I thought it was from Calvin and Hobbes.

  7. jeffreimer on


    It is. I posted this when the tagline was a quote from You’ve Got Mail.



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