In Which Nary the Two Shall Meet

At work a book just came back from the printer called The Global Dictionary of Theology. It’s an interesting, but also a little odd, project. One of its main aims was to encompass many perspectives, ecumenically and ethnically, from across the globe, thus the global aspect of the dictionary. By way of example, and also the only reason for this post, the following two quotations provide an interesting juxtaposition. This first quotation is from the article titled “Business.”

There is a global movement of the Spirit in connection with business. Virtually every country in the world and every part of the body of Christ is being touched. Perhaps most significantly, individual believers with business skills are being awakened to the potential involvement they can have in bearing witness to the kingdom of God in the business arena. . . . Spanning the globe are Christian business ministries to executives and employees with a calling to the higher purposes of God. All this represents a genuine sign to the people of God and to the world of the kingdom in our midst.

And here is a quotation from the very next article in the dictionary, from the article “Capitalism.”

Capitalism does not merely represent a structural sin, but the global and imperial configuration of the basic structures of Adamic sin. Capitalism is the concrete manifestation, in our historical period, of the Adamic pretension of self-justification by means of human actions.

Corporate kingdom of God, meet . . . the Revolution!


5 comments so far

  1. Lucas on

    That, my friend, is hilarious! On a totally unrelated note: Why do people think evangelicals are anti-intellectuals who make sweeping and ridiculous claims?

  2. Brian on

    Good question. Why do “people” make such sweeping generalizations?

  3. chad on

    So, is it two thumbs up for Marxism? Is that what you meant by “interesting”?

    At least its presentation of capitalism was balanced.

    What a fantastic piece of work.

  4. jeffreimer on

    Chad: re your first sentence: I mean “interesting juxtaposition” with a healthy dose of irony. Re your second and third sentences, should I understand them also with a heapin’ helpin’ of irony?

  5. chad on

    huge – possibly with gravy

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