Okay, Maybe Now I’ll Read It

The Canadian book blog Book Ninja ran a contest asking people to redesign the covers of highbrow literary fiction titles for a more popular, “dumbed-down” audience. The winner was this heartwarming cover for Cormac McCarthy’s bleak post-apocalyptic novel, The Road.

One of the runners-up was also a Cormac McCarthy novel, Blood Meridian. My favorite part is the endorsement by Annie Proulx (who wrote the short story on which the movie Brokeback Mountain is based).

Here are some other good ones. Hilarious!

And here’s a still from the film adaptation of The Road, which is coming out next year. Something tells me the film will be a mite more faithful to the book than the cover above. That’s Viggo Mortenson as the father.

Film adaptation of The Road

3 comments so far

  1. rcandkc on

    The Road is next on my list. Especially now that I’ve seen the endorsement from Today’s Parent.

  2. jeffreimer on

    A fine judge of literary brilliance, Today’s Parent. Did you finish The Brothers Karamazov?

  3. rcandkc on

    Getting close. I’ve just been introduced to Kolya. Katie and I are leaving for a weekend in Banff next Thursday. I’m trying to get it finished by then to be sure that the airline doesn’t charge me for extra weight in my luggage.

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