Michael Crichton Dies

And a little part of the twelve-year-old me dies along with him. Story here. I will forever be grateful to the man who originally made it possible for me to see real live dinosaurs (or at least photo-realistic dinosaurs). Steven Spielberg made the movie, but it was all Michael Crichton’s idea.

I loved dinosaurs as a kid, as many young boys do, and I’ll never forget sitting in a cool dark movie theater on a hot summer afternoon watching Jurassic Park for the first time, especially the moment when Sam Neill’s character gasps and stands up in the jeep and a full-size brachiosaurus lumbers onto the screen. Marvelous!


Later that summer, the night before my family left on vacation, I bought the novel at the local grocery store. I think my entire family read it over that vacation. I reread it a few years later and moved on to many more Michael Crichton novels, but Jurassic Park will always stick with me as the first and best one. What’s more exciting than realistically rendered dinosaurs (on the page or on the screen)! Wreaking havoc! Eating people! Oh, the imaginative wonder! Thank you, Michael Crichton. You will be missed.


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  1. Shannon on

    I also LOVED dinosaurs growing up! When I was 7 I asked for a stegasaurous…I got one! Granted it was a blow up dinosaur but it was a big as my bed and I loved it! Jurassic Park made my mind swarm when I saw it and I wished and wished there could be a place like it…minus the “Newman” character. :)

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