How to Cash In on the Latest Fad and Exploit Religion at the Same Time, Or What It Looks Like to Subsume Religion under the Cause du Jour, Or Is the Tail Not Wagging the Dog Here, My Friends?


Website. Despite the intellectually respectable veneer, this is just another version of BibleZines. Lord help us.


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  1. Kristi on

    Nice title.

  2. jeffreimer on


  3. chad on

    Jeff – I’ve commented more on your blog in the past three days than ever, and I want to stop, but I want to be on some form of record stating how ridiculous this is. There. I’m on record.

    I just want to highlight one splendid piece of exegesis/hermeneutics from the website video: “There are 490 references to heaven, 530 to love, but over 1000 to earth…our home.” (wow – what insight a search engine can bring)

    That sounds a little like Da Vinci code reasoning to me. But I think it’s the “home” part at the end that twists the knife. If this is it, folks, if this is the home I’m striving for with little green trees like the one on the cover…no thanks.

  4. chad on

    and nice title

  5. Josh on

    Some great names associated with this thing….Why?

  6. Josh on

    and thanks for the biblezines link. i’ve been trying to find the Blossom BibleZine for Naomi for awhile.

  7. RCochran on

    Green Letter Edition!

  8. chad on

    Pope John Paul II is dead – that may give some insight into the associations.

  9. derekryanbrown on

    Say what you want about it, but if this bible grows like a Chia pet then I’m getting one!

  10. jeffreimer on


    Would that make it an “incarnational” green Bible?

  11. Tim Cairns on

    You may or may not believe this but…….this website is on the banned list!!!

    My office is on the school side of the church so my computer is on the school server and subject to surf control. The green letter bible is outlawed!!! glad we don’t let our school kids see those nasty emergent/green type bible things! way to go!!

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