New Tagline, Again

I am growing ever more frenetic with my taglines. The stints of the last two have been quite brief. Who knows how long this one will last? The intrigue! The suspense! The excitement!

If you can guess where this one comes from, I will give you, my friend, one hundred dollars.*

*The money, furnished by solely Jeff Reimer, will be payed out on a cash basis at a rate of $0.01 per year over a period of 10,000 years.


9 comments so far

  1. timothycairns on

    what about the best example of verbing gets $100?

  2. jeffreimer on

    Sure, under the same conditions, of course.

  3. A.J. on

    I declare myself the winner. I happed upon this phrase less than a month ago. I won’t spoil your fun yet, though.

  4. jeffreimer on

    I confirm that A.J. has provided me with the correct answer.

  5. R.H. on


  6. jeffreimer on

    Good guess, but no.

  7. Josh on

    Googling nets answers.

  8. jeffreimer on


  9. deitra on

    i have the complete works…if my apartment was on fire, i’d go back and save it alone…well, maybe i’d grab my kitty too

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