Guy Time

A few weeks ago Jess went to a weekend women’s retreat at our church, so Charlie and I had some guy time. I caught a little footage of our activities and just now got around to uploading them. (Actually Jess did it because I am lazy.) This is what the guys do when mom’s gone.

Guys also play football. So I taught Charlie to “go long.”


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  1. Nana on

    Oh my goodness Jeff – this has got to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time!!! I laughed till I cried!!! Thanks for being such a great dad to Charlie – this was true quality time!!!

  2. Cindy on

    Okay Jeff – this gives new meaning to “head banging”! Adia, Noah and I watched together – Adia says, “When I was a baby I did that too!”.
    Noah just drooled. What fun!

  3. Shannon on

    Oh my gosh that is too funny! Especially the hand banging on the couch! I was laughing out loud! I can always count on Charlie to make me smile. :)

  4. Ryan Cordell on


  5. deitra on

    these are awesome!
    i like that you hit your son with a ball and it didn’t even phase him. perhaps he’s used to it.?.

  6. chad on

    Now that Charlie understands “go long”, you need to play “punt return” with him. That’s when you throw the ball in the air and run at him when he’s waiting to catch it…and if he does, nail him.

    Then, pick him up, let him finish crying, talk a bit about calling fair catch, and then have him do it to you…

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