Hey, Remember When Printable Pages Were, Um, Well, You Know, Printable?

Alas, the ineluctable, glacial creep of advertising into the remotest corners of our lives continues unabated. I have noticed lately that  “printable” pages of articles online are including more and more ads, images, and html-encoded text (which not all printers can handle equally well). Where is the public outcry? Why this injustice? This visual scattershot utterly contravenes the purpose of the “printer-friendly view.” Furthermore, these pages were my one remaining boon from the overcommercialization of the web. I would even often link to them directly from here or on Facebook because they provided a much cleaner and unobtrusive viewing experience. But now, even while I’m reading these articles in my bed at home, I am confronted with the latest ad for Viagra, or whatever wares these evil companies and their internet minions were flogging the day I printed them off.


2 comments so far

  1. timothycairns on

    yes but – without the ads you couldn’t print them for free – no such thing as a free lunch or download or printable page from the internet – better viagra stands up for the charge than you…so to speak

  2. jeffreimer on

    Then why have a printable page at all? Just let me print off the regular page with the same ads. Oh, wait a minute, then you wouldn’t have another webpage to splatter with ugly banner ads.

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