Contest: Name That Theologian

Welcome back after the New Year.

What currently living theologian wrote these words?

The right state of human affairs, the moral well-being of the world can never be guaranteed simply through structures alone, however good they are. Such structures are not only important, but necessary; yet they cannot and must not marginalize human freedom. Even the best structures function only when the community is animated by convictions capable of motivating people to assent freely to the social order. Freedom requires conviction; conviction does not exist on its own, but must always be gained anew by the community.


2 comments so far

  1. Caleb & Sol on

    I don’t know, but I bet I could google it and figure it out.

    “In God we make our boast all day long” – Psalm 44:8

    Thanks for your thoughts!


  2. Dave on

    Since you’re getting little traffic on this one, I’ll venture that the author would be a certain sitting pope. Since I am rarely motivated to read Catholic literature, I will admit to a bit of help from a certain search engine. Wonderfully stated insight, no matter the source!


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