Contest Results

I wouldn’t actually call them results, and contest might be too generous a term, but my dad is the “winner” of the “contest.” I guess that’s what I get for posting words from a work that is online in its entirety. The words come from Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Spe Salvi, which I read over Christmas and is very, very good. If anybody would have actually played in the contest (besides my dad, who cheated!), I thought it would have been entertaining, funny, and a little misleading to use a quote by the pope that criticized institutions. But alas, nobody reads my blog!

I would have also accepted “Joseph Ratzinger.”


7 comments so far

  1. Shannon on

    I guess I should’ve entered because I did what your dad did and just looked it up on-line. I was too embarassed to answer on your high faluten smart blog but I guess I should’ve looked like the fool. :)

  2. Josh on

    Nice. I thought about it for awhile but would not have guessed Pope Benedict XVI. Your attempt at misleading left me befuddled, so well done.

  3. Ryan Cordell on

    I had no clue, and didn’t think we could use the Google. Not that I am saying he did anything wrong, as no contest rules were posted.

  4. Ben Edsall on

    I was thinking the quote was from J.-M.-R. Tillard. I suppose I should have gotten it since I read that encyclical for Sys. C last semester. Oh well.

  5. timothycairns on

    I thought it was from one of the C of E Bishops but then googled it so my thought was close enough!

  6. Dave on

    Sorry I blew up your little contest, Jeff. I’m a shameless googler. I guess I should have let it run a little longer before I weighed in. Your blogees were obviously in process on the question.

  7. jeffreimer on

    No problem! Actually, I think I just made them feel guilty for not commenting in the first place. Besides, as Ryan points out, I never said googling was against the rules (although I meant to!). So you didn’t blow it up at all, unless by “blowing up” you meant “won.” Also, as you originally acknowledged, you gave plenty of time.

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