The Road Trailer

The trailer for The Road is out. It looks like the film will be as difficult to watch as the book was to read. In a good, way of course, but my oh my, I am afraid. I am very afraid. I don’t mean that to sound trite, like in an exhilarated, adrenaline-rush type of fear, or the “fear” evoked by gratuitously violent or psychologically manipulative horror movies (though I do note that I am to a degree succumbing to the shameless emotional manipulation that is at the core of the genre of “movie trailer”), but rather I am afraid in a way that is vivified by a story of love and terror stripped almost to its essence.


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  1. Greg on

    I recently read Blood Meridian and I recently watched No Country for Old Men back-to-back with There Will be Blood. Yippee skippee.

  2. jeffreimer on

    That’s like a veritable juggernaut of warm-fuzzies coming right at you!

  3. jeffreimer on

    You’ll have to tell me what you thought of Blood Meridian.

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