The Freelancing Life

Well, I have just finished and turned in my first project as a full-time freelancer, and it was, how do you say . . . a doozy. Not only did I have to pack all the allotted work time into less than a week, on Friday, I worked all day on my laptop, got home in the evening, transferred the file to my desktop and saved over the original only to realize, to my horror, that I had saved the original over the newer one. All my work for the day, every keystroke, was instantly lost to the ether. (Here I would like to say that if you try to give me some smarmy lesson about saving backup files, I will spend the remainder of the day exerting all of my fragile emotional energy on thinking of ways to bring about your excruciatingly painful, torturous, and terrifying demise.) Anyway, almost half of the three-hundred-page book was footnotes, and seventy-three pages of it was bibliography. I’m glad I did it though. It was a far cry from IVP, to say the least. (In a related side note, this is the third author I have edited this year who participated in the Jesus Seminar. Who would’ve thunk?) I am glad it is behind me. Now I move from Jesus Seminar to John Chrysostom. It boggles the mind.

Things should even out from here on (knock on wood).


3 comments so far

  1. Josh on

    Wow. Congratulations on getting it done. And may the Lord bless you in your new life. Let me know how Chrysostom goes – did I mention that I’m teaching on the early church this term?

  2. Kristi on

    Yay for finishing! (Sorry if I was smarmy about backing up your files on gmail.)

  3. jeffreimer on

    Josh: I have a book to recommend to you that might help your teaching. Unfortunately, it is not out yet, but will be soon. I will email you some details.

    Kristi: You were not smarmy or condescending in any way.

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