About me: I’m a freelance book editor working out of Newton, Kansas. I’m responsible for the existence and well-being of two children. I have a wife, who keeps a weblog here. I know the lie/lay rule.

About this blog: Here be reflections on theology, literature, culture, and politics, and often how two or more of these disciplines coalesce, misfire, or otherwise interact. I also occasionally write about music, things that I think are funny, and, probably on occasion, things that annoy me. In other words, anything that strikes my fancy. Photographs and other sundries, while not my own images or words, typically express my point of view.

Title: Given that the things written about here (mostly, as noted above, theology, literature, culture, and politics) all find their primary fulfillment in the imaginative world of language, they naturally cohere, when processed through the filter of one person’s mind, in a distinctive idiom, a particular flavor, and necessarily result in a certain, if ramshackle, method or voice used to express one’s identity—a mode of expression. The tagline comes from the greatest comic strip ever.

Disclaimer: There used to be a section here about how the things I wrote didn’t necessarily express the views of my employer, but that no longer applies, as I voluntarily terminated my employment on September 1 of 2009. So now the views expressed here represent those of my employer (myself) in the fullest, most self-reflexive way possible. Serial commas! Dirty jokes! Heresy! It’s all me!

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