augustine-refuting-heretic.jpgHere are some links to various theological resources that I find interesting.

Radical Orthodoxy

Radical Orthodoxy Online: Some info and several links, mostly having to do with continental philosophy.

Centre of Theology and Philosophy: This is John Milbank’s project at the University of Nottingham. Lots of interesting stuff.

James K. A. Smith: A professor at Calvin College, Smith is one of the few true blue evangelicals working in the area of radical orthodoxy, postmodern philosophy and Christian culture. This is his self-run page.

HauerwasHauerwas et al.

Hauerwas Online: A smattering of the writings of Stanley Hauerwas, professor of theological ethics at Duke University.

William T. Cavanaugh Unofficial Internet Archive: Cavanaugh is a theologian at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., who writes (very compellingly) on politics and theology, especially as they relate to the Eucharist.

trinity.gifChurch Fathers

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: A repository for all the Church Fathers (including the full thirty-eight volume Ante-Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers set edited by Philip Schaff and Alexander Roberts) as well as many other, you guessed it, Christian classics to boot, run by some fine folks at Calvin College.

New Advent: A Catholic-run website that also provides access to many of the Church Fathers as well as the full text of the Summa Theologica.

The Tertullian Project: A bizarrely comprehensive site dedicated to the writings of Tertullian, complete with, well, everything. It’s run by a freelance software designer in the U.K. who also dabbles (to put it lightly) in ancient Christian literature. If there’s anything you want to know related to Tertullian — biographies, bibliographies, collections of quotations — I guarantee you’ll find it here (as long as it’s in the public domain, that is).


Hans Urs von Balthasar Online: The greatest theologian of the twentieth century that most Protestants have never heard of. Arguably just plain the greatest theologian of the twentieth century.

Augustinian Thomists: Info on lots of good theologians, Catholic and Protestant.

The N. T. Wright Page: A fastidiously updated site providing many of the Good Bishop of Durham’s essays and articles. Also many MP3s of lectures and sermons.

First Things: A journal dedicated, as the subtitle describes, to “religion, culture, and public life.” Until recently it was run by Richard John Neuhaus, who, sadly, died of cancer. The journal contains a wide variety of conservative ecumenical perspectives, from Catholic to Mainline Protestant to evangelical to Jewish. They eventually make everything they publish available online, which makes this site a goldmine of wonderful theological and political discourse.

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